Star Ocean: The Second Story R gets new trailer, demo

Demo progress transfers to the full game

14 September 2023
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Today SQUARE ENIX released a playable demo of their upcoming title STAR OCEAN™ THE SECOND STORY R™. In this demo, players will be able to start their adventure and experience the opening hours of the game that will be part of the final game when it releases on November 2, 2023. Players will also be able to carry over their save progress from the demo into the main game at launch.

The demo will include three cities, two dungeons and two bosses and give players an in-depth look into the opening hours of the game as players choose their protagonist, battle with three party members and enjoy new features such as ‘Assault Action’ and ‘Break’.

A 2.5D remake of the 1998 RPG and highly acclaimed second installment in the STAR OCEAN series, STAR OCEAN THE SECOND STORY R combines beautiful 3D environments with nostalgic 2D pixel characters, offering players both a classic RPG and modern gameplay experience. A rearranged soundtrack, new difficulty settings, numerous quality-of-life improvements and more revitalize the original game’s beloved features, like the fast-paced, real-time combat, deep skill system and Private Actions, which allow players to grow relationships with party members and unlock a variety of different endings.

You can learn a lot more about what this demo includes by checking out the official Square Enix blog.

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