Earlier today, Nintendo shadow-dropped F-ZERO 99, an updated take on the original F-ZERO with online play. Plenty of F-ZERO fans were happy to see the announcement, and someone very special took to X to share their excitement.

Right after the F-ZERO 99 announcement was made, art director and character designer for F-ZERO, Takaya Imamura, hopped on X to post his excitement in seeing the franchise return. Imamura shared the artwork above, along with a simple message that said, “Thank you, Nintendo!” (h/t VGC)

Imamura didn’t stop there, though. He also replied to Nintendo’s official Japanese Twitter account with yet another message showing his love for F-ZERO. You can see the machine-translated version of his comment below.

“A bold arrangement that respects the original elements! I felt the love for F-ZERO. I would like to express my deepest gratitude to the creator. We are looking forward to the revival of this IP.”

[Takaya Imamura]

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