Another Crusade physical pre-orders open Sept. 15th, 2023

Launching digitally tomorrow as well!

14 September 2023
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Limited Run Games, a premium publisher of physical games and part of Embracer Freemode, announced today Another Crusade, a brand new platforming RPG adventure for Switch, developed by Dragon Vein Studios is launching September 15th; with pre-orders and store pages up today.

In Another Crusade, traditional turn-based RPG combat fuses with platforming and action-adventure elements, playing out in a 3D isometric world, dripping with character, quests, and comedy.

With a cast of loveable characters, a hilarious script and adventure around every corner, Rai Reysend and his kooky companions are tasked with uncovering the secret of the cosmic barriers, mysteriously appearing after a vast meteor shower rained down upon the land.

With a charming aesthetic replicating the look of 3D wooden puppets, it’s easy to dismiss Another Crusade as a gentle adventure, but don’t be fooled! Gamers will need to summon their RPG skills as they cast powerful magic via turn based combat, execute commands with precision timing and solve cunning puzzles to complete quests. With tons of secrets to explore and action for all ages, Another Crusade promises an epic adventure brimming with treasure and treachery!

Developed by Dragon Vein Studios and published by Limited Run Games, Another Crusade launches digitally on September 15th, available on Switch. You can pre-order digitally today on Nintendo Switch and Switch fans can enjoy a 10% off pre-order discount.

Those who prefer physical games are also well catered for with pre orders starting on September 15th for Switch.

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