ONE PIECE: PIRATE WARRIORS 4 lets you relive one of the most epic ONE PIECE arcs with The Battle of Onigashima Pack, with three characters joining the roster of the game.

Focused on the Battle of Onigashima, this DLC will introduce the following characters:

Luffy (Onigashima Battle) Captain of the Straw Hat Pirates. In a mortal fight against Kaido, the tyrant emperor ruling over Wano Country, Luffy awakens the power of the devil’s fruit, transforming into Gear Five, his strongest level yet. Use the Gear Five special move with “Luffy (Onigashima Battle)” to transform temporarily and play using the Gear Five form!

Kaido (Onigashima Battle) Human-Beast Form of Kaido, has the ability of “Fish-Fish Fruit, Mythical Zoan, Model: Azure Dragon” covering him with scales and increasing his strength. His attacks are defined by the immense destructive power of his Haki and his iron mace. Use special moves and combos to attack, without giving the opponent a chance to retaliate. During aerial attacks, Kaido can attack multiple enemies at once in his Dragon Form.

Yamato, son of Kaido, is also available in this pack. Yamato uses his giant mace to deliver a wide range of attacks. He can also change to his Human-Beast form, using quick combos and ice attacks to freeze enemies in place.

The Battle of Onigashima Pack is available now and part of Character Pass 2. Character Pass 2 also includes Character Packs 5 and 6 that will be revealed later. Owners of Character Pass 2 also get access to Onigashima Battle Law Costume as a bonus item.

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