The official Japanese website for Super Mario RPG has opened, and it brings with it another round of screens, clips and info. Even though we just saw a lot more about the game in today’s Nintendo Direct, this website includes a few tidbits that we haven’t heard anywhere else. Here’s a recap of the brand new, and more fleshed-out details the site offers.

  • change between Normal and Easy Mode
  • face bosses for rematches after you beat them once
  • change the background music between new orchestrations or original SNES music
  • includes a monster journal to show you the enemies you’ve faced, complete with more info
  • if you perfect the timing of your attacks, the impact can hurt surrounding enemies as well
  • beat the game to unlock the Sound Player, which lets you to listen to both versions of the OST
  • some of the tracks in Sound Player are locked, but details on how to unlock them are unclear

As we said, the site is also stuffed to the brim with new screens and footage as well. If you’d like to check those you, you can snoop around on the site through this link. You can also see the footage in the video below.

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