Nintendo World Report has analyzed the trailer for Paper Mario The Thousand Year Door released today as part of the Nintendo Direct and have pulled some interesting results related to the technical aspects of the game. Below are some of the highlights from the video:

  • The game runs at 30 frames per second, lower rate than the original version which ran at 60 fps.
  • Resolution seems to be 900p docked and it’s expected for handheld to run at or near 720p.
  • The artstyle has been updated in some areas to make the world look like paper and cardboard, similar in style to newer games in the series. (Screenshots below)

Some things may change as the game is not out until 2024, but this is what we know for now. If you want all the details, don’t forget to watch the video above!

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8M ago

This isn't exactly a game where 60 fps are impossible to achieve (as proved by the GC original). And if Metroid Prime Remastered runs at 60 fps there's really no excuse. So I expect this to change in the final version.


8M ago

There's zero excuse for a game that came out 19 years ago, three whole console generations ago, and ran at 60fps, to NOW run at 30fps on newer hardware. 🙃 And we're talking about a native remaster by Nintendo, not some funky emulated GC game. This is wild.