Arcade Boxing 'Thunder Ray' out now on Switch

Punch it out in the ring

15 September 2023
by videocookies 0

We’ve seen a few Punch-Out! inspired games pop up lately and Thunder Ray is the latest one to join the team. The game is now available on Switch and you can get it on the eShop here for $13.49 (Regular Price: $14.99).

Stick around for more details on this game!

Get ready for the ultimate Arcade Boxing, Retro-like experience in a game brimming with blood and violence.

Step into the ring and experience the adrenaline-pumping action of our retro arcade boxing game, but with a modern twist! Get ready to throw jabs, hooks, and uppercuts as you face off against a roster of colorful and eccentric opponents. The game features meticulously crafted HD animations, bringing each character to life with stunning detail and fluid movements.


  • Enjoy wonderful 2D Handmade Animations
  • Master Thunder special attacks
  • Rule the Arcade dynamic boxing
  • Travel across Galactic Stages
  • Become a Champion of the Universe
  • Learn to defeat the most brutal techniques
  • Be bloody and wild!

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