IzanagiGames, Inc. has announced that the multi-award-winning VR adventure, DYSCHRONIA: Chronos Alternate - Definitive Edition, jointly developed with MyDearest Inc. will be released digitally worldwide on November 22, 2023, for the Nintendo Switch. The worldwide digital release in North America, Europe, and Asia coincides with the Japanese release of the game.

Brought to the Nintendo Switch for the very first time, DYSCHRONIA: Chronos Alternate tasks players with solving a theoretically impossible murder that spins out of control into a mystery that threatens an entire city. On the Nintendo Switch, players will get every single twist, turn, investigation, accusation, and shocking trial result that have surprised players for multiple episodes on VR platforms—now in one package.

Dubbed the Definitive Edition, this latest version of DYSCHRONIA contains all three episodes of the murder-mystery VR trilogy, along with Nintendo Switch version-exclusive story content. The game features character design by LAM, an ensemble of compelling characters brought to life by a talented voice cast, a series theme performed by Hoshimachi Suisei (hololive), and episode themes from YuNi. DYSCHRONIA: Chronos Alternate has earned multiple awards, including Grand Winner in three categories, and Gold Winner in a further four categories at the NYX Game Awards. Experience the game’s epic story in this cinematic investigation action adventure for the Nintendo Switch.

About the game:

Welcome to Astrum Close, a far-flung future metropolis, where the crime rate is just 0.001%. When the city’s founder Professor Albert Rumford is murdered, your mission, as Supervisor Hal Scion, is to solve the unprecedented, theoretically impossible case.

Use your special ability to dive into the memories lingering in items you find. Explore a city steeped in mystery as you seek the truth. Experience an epic story set in this breathtaking cinematic world re-envisaged for the Nintendo Switch.


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