Nintendo shares a Switch first party lineup recap video

I'll take one of everything, please

15 September 2023
by rawmeatcowboy 1

Nintendo shared a Nintendo Direct yesterday that gave us a look at the first and third party offerings the Switch is getting from now until Summer 2023. It was quite a stellar lineup, giving fans plenty to look forward to. Today, Nintendo has hogged the spotlight by creating a new video featuring just first party Switch titles in the works.

While there’s nothing new in this video, it is a nice, quick recap of everything Nintendo has lined up for Switch over the next few months. From brand-new games like Princess Peach Showtime! to remakes like Super Mario RPG, there should be plenty of experiences Nintendo diehards will want in their collection.

Which of Nintendo’s first-party offerings are looking like must-haves for you?

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9M ago

I'll get everything with the exception of F-ZERO 99.
But the amount of DLC and remakes/remasters is making my head hurt. I didn't expect the next Nintendo console to hit the market in 2024 but this is lineup is telling a different tale.