Chants of Sennaar 'accolades' trailer

Singing its praises

17 September 2023
by rawmeatcowboy 0

Chants of Sennaar released on multiple platforms just a few days back, and the praise was quick to follow. Plenty of critics found the game to be quite ingenuous in how it teaches the player things without outright describing them, making for a wonderful sense of discovery. See just how the game tickled the press in the accolades trailer above.

In Chants of Sennaar, you’ll explore a fascinating universe inspired by the myth of Babel to restore the links between Peoples. Immerse yourself in an enigmatic city home to a vast and mythical tower. Observe, listen, and decipher ancient languages. Solve enigmas and puzzles, play mini games, escape the scrutiny of the guards, and dodge the many traps in your way.

Guided by your notebook, translate each glyph you encounter by observing, exploring and talking to people. Use deduction to pave your way to the top of the tower—a prodigious labyrinth full of mysteries to unveil.

Inspired by real languages, each dialect in Chants of Sennaar has its own rhythm, grammar, and syntax for a compelling and fulfilling experience. Each People has a unique story to tell, encompassing folklore, culture, architectural styles, and their own technologies, making every level of the tower richly distinct. Chants of Sennaar delivers an unforgettable journey, enriched by the audiovisual enchantment of a beautiful and colorful world inspired by European comic masterpieces and driven by a soul-stirring, lyrical soundtrack that will be available for purchase on Steam at launch.

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