The Pikselnesia team has been working very hard over the past year and a half, and they’re pleased to share an update regarding the progress of Afterlove EP. The update also includes the release date, launch platforms, and more.

The team would also like to recognize Mohammad Fahmi and the amazing work he did to conceive and design Afterlove EP. The game and the team he brought together are part of his legacy and they are proud to work with Pikselnesia to bring his vision to fruition.

Pikselnesia is a fully remote indie games studio based in Indonesia. The team was established by Fahmi in 2020, specifically for the Afterlove EP project. When Fahmi passed away in March 2022 it hit the team extremely hard. It was most of all the loss of a beloved friend. After some time to grieve, the team came together to talk about the question of what to do about the game. The decision of the team was unanimous - they are all committed to bring Fahmi’s vision for Afterlove EP to fruition.

The team recently completed the first draft of the writing for the whole game and can now play it from start to finish. This is a very exciting moment for them as it’s the point where they can start to see what is working and what isn’t and begin the crucial iteration phase. Meanwhile, most of the rest of the development is at the final stages with all the coding complete and almost all the art and music in place. The audio and music is also almost all in place with just a couple of last bits to do on the soundtrack and Cinta’s VO to be recorded once the script is final. And if you’d like to check out the soundtrack early, L’Alphalpha have just released the album they recorded for the game and you can listen right now.

Now that the team can play the whole game, they’re focused on playing, testing, reviewing and updating and repeating this process until the game is at the quality they want to achieve. They are aiming to have this complete by the end of this year and from there they will go into localization and console porting alongside a final phase of bug fixing and polish. The dev team will be handling the Nintendo Switch version themselves.

This localization and porting will take a while and releasing on so many platforms means there is a lot more coordination and planning to do for the launch. The team now expect to launch the game in Q3 2024.

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