Today Twin Sails Interactive is excited to launch the critically acclaimed, best-selling tactical RPG Gloomhaven Switch! Adapted from Isaac Childres’ beloved board game (winner of six Golden Geek awards), Gloomhaven features unique card-based gameplay packed with two campaigns, over 250 scenarios, 17 mercenaries, and thousands of abilities to discover, fully playable in online co-op for up to four players with crossplay across all platforms. The initial PC adaptation of Gloomhaven, developed by Flaming Fowl Studios, earned very positive user reviews on Steam.

The fantastical Gloomhaven Mercenaries Edition is loaded with special bonuses such as the immersive Solo Scenarios: Mercenary Challenges DLC, which features cleverly crafted missions from acclaimed board game designer Issac Childres, and one of six exclusive collectible cards in every retail box. Fans can collect the Switch physical editions now from Amazon, GameStop, Best Buy and Target.

Gloomhaven, adapted for consoles by Saber Interactive, includes all content from the original board game, plus all-new features and an exclusive, digital-only Guildmaster campaign. Unlock 17 unique characters, strategize your team synergies, and play your deck wisely in this deep and rewarding fantasy adventure where every choice is crucial. Carve your way through terrifying dungeons, hordes of undead, fearsome monsters and more to reap your rewards – or die trying…

Players can choose between two versions of Gloomhaven available today on consoles:

Gloomhaven Mercenaries Edition features the full base game and the “Solo Scenarios: Mercenary Challenges” DLC for €/$39.99.

Gloomhaven Gold Edition includes everything in the Mercenaries Edition, plus the “Jaws of the Lion” DLC, all for €/$49.99.

“Solo Scenarios: Mercenary Challenges” is an adaptation of Isaac Childres’ board game expansion, refined and rebalanced for digital play, offering 17 deadly Solo Scenarios that players can complete to obtain 17 unique items – each designed for one specific mercenary. Featuring 20 hours of bonus content, this DLC creates a satisfying challenge for experienced players looking for a true test of their skills.

“Jaws of the Lion” is a major content expansion for Gloomhaven including four new mercenaries, new enemies, 22 new city events, 10 new items, 24 new battle goals, 25 scenarios from the original board game expansion and more, delivering over 30 hours of added content that takes players to the undercity of Gloomhaven. Gloomhaven Mercenaries Edition owners can purchase the “Jaws of the Lion” DLC separately for €/$17.99.

A physical edition of Gloomhaven Mercenaries Edition distributed by Nighthawk Interactive will also be available for Switch at major retailers starting September 19.

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