It’s not easy being the child of a highly skilled Trainer, and Barry has been feeling that pressure with the arrival of his father—the Frontier Brain Palmer—on Pasio. Barry worries that he may not be able to live up to his father’s legacy, but luckily his friends and Palmer’s Battle Frontier peer, Argenta, are here to help him see the truth. Find out how Barry’s story unfolds in Pokémon Masters EX’s newest story event, Tower Tycoon and Hall Matron!

Palmer & Regigigas really bring titanic power to the battlefield! Palmer & Regigigas are a Normal-type strike sync pair who boast gargantuan damage potential and the powerful Trainer move, Normal Wish, which creates a Normal Zone that powers up all Normal-type attacks, including Palmer & Regigigas’s Crush Grip. This punishing move’s damage goes down the lower an opponent’s HP is, so use this move early to maximize grip strength!

Argenta lends Barry a helping hand in Pokémon Masters EX’s latest story event, so it’s only fitting that she debuts as a support sync pair. Argenta & Skarmory are a Steel-type support sync pair that can continually strengthen the Attack of both themselves and their allies. Argenta & Skarmory have the passive skill Stat Share 9, which raises the stats of all allied sync pairs when they use a self-supporting status move. This means that every time they use Swords Dance to raise their own Attack, they’ll raise their allies’ Attack by the same amount.

Find out more about both Sync Pairs in an official feature from Pokémon Co. right here.

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