Just last week, we got confirmation on Dave the Diver’s Switch release date. We’ve known for awhile that the award-winning game was making its way to Switch, and we’ll all be able to dive in come Oct. 26th, 2023. Even better, there’s a demo available right now that gives you just a taste of what this adventure has to offer.

Dave the Diver has captured the attention of gaming press and gamers alike, bringing in all sorts of praise and adulation. That’s thanks to the game’s unique combination of mechanics, humor, and deep-sea exploration. It’s an interesting blend of ideas, and in a new interview with Venturebeat, Dave the Diver’s director reveals how the game first came to be.

“The ocean we envisioned was a mysterious dungeon filled with unique creatures. When I watch deep-sea documentaries, there are moments when the knowledge of the sheer existence of these real creatures in the deep sea gives me goosebumps more than any made-up fantasy creature ever could. The vision of a game that could capture these creatures, but in an arcade gameplay style, is how Dave the Diver began.”

[Dave the Diver’s director, Jaeho Hwang]

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