Atlus has released a new wave of details on Persona 5 Tactica, and today brings us the breakdown for Battle Stages, Enemies, Sub-Personas & more. You can see the complete run-through of these details below.

Unique Enemies

  • the Sumo-maton tosses any unit in range–friend or foe
  • the Guarded Geisha blocks ranged, melee, and skill attacks with a parasol
  • the Slimy Shinobi creates clones of itself

Stage Elements

  • some stages feature surveillance cameras that call in enemies if you step into their line of sight
  • there are also elevators that move parts of the stage up and down when you activate a button
  • Dash Squares let you leap across elevated parts of the stage
  • explosive barrels can dish out extra damage

Charge Your Character

  • if a character takes no action during a battle, they will charge up
  • in the next turn, you can unleash a charged-up attack
  • each character’s charge is different

Sub-Personas ​ - equip a Sub-Persona to raise a character’s stats - Sub-Personas have unique and inherited skills - Sub-Personas have active and passive abilities

Create New Weapons

  • visit the Velvet Room to fuse two Personas to create a weapon
  • fused weapons will be superior to those you can buy

High Difficulty Levels

  • on higher difficulty levels, the strength of enemy attacks and their HP will be higher
  • on higher difficulty levels, your attacks can hit your own party members
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