Evil Dead: The Game cancelled on Switch

Yep, that's both evil and dead

19 September 2023
by rawmeatcowboy 1

Evil Dead: The Game was announced for Switch years ago, but we never really saw anything about how that version was coming along. Today we’re getting to see why that might have been.

The official X account for Evil Dead: The Game has shared a message on the future of the title, and it’s unfortunately grim. In a one-two punch, the team’s message reveals that they’re stopping development on all future content for the game, and they’ve also cancelled the Switch release.

While Saber Interactive doesn’t specifically say why these decisions were made, you’d have to think that the game’s dwindling playerbase and modest sales so far have forced the team’s hand. Sad to see things work out this way, but hopefully those who currently own a copy on other platforms can continue to enjoy what the package includes.

You can see the full message from the dev team on this matter below.


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8M ago

The multiplayer market is very competitive and it is hard to stand out. Evil Dead has a dedicated fan base but I don't think enough of them are gamers. That and these multiplayer games launch with not enough content and are usually pretty slow at releasing more. People move on to the next thing.