The next update for No Man’s Sky will bring the game up to Ver. 4.45, and this will once again bring over some Switch-specific enhancements.

Hello Games has already released a significant update to No Man’s Sky on Switch that improved and enhanced the game’s visuals a considerable amount. Now they’re going back to the well to refine what they’ve done and push the game further from a visual standpoint. Here’s what Switch owners can look forward to in the update, which should be arriving soon.

  • FSR2 visuals on Nintendo Switch have been further refined and improved.
  • Introduced a number of rendering optimizations for Nintendo Switch.
  • Introduced a number of texture optimizations and improvements for Nintendo Switch.
  • Introduced a significant memory optimization for Switch.
  • Fixed an issue that prevented usage of the gyro options page on the Switch under specific circumstances.

If you’d like to dive into the full patch notes for Ver. 4.45, which includes bug fixes and more, you can find a complete breakdown here.


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