Exit Plan Games and Untold Tales have released “The World of Bang-On Balls: Chronicles” trailer to showcase the sheer size of each level in Bang-On Balls: Chronicles.

Bang-on Balls Chronicles is a content-loaded, goofy, destructible open-world, sandbox adventure with combat, platforming, character customization, and collect-a-thon scavenger hunting experience that you can play solo or in co-op.

It’s not every day that an indie game has worlds this big and packed with content, but developer Exit Plan Games is made up of all ex-AAA devs, so they have been creating games of this size all their careers.

The Bobbywood Studios Lot: Roam around a playable menu that is a bustling film studio. From here, players can unlock each of the main worlds, an arcade area with mini-games, a zoo, and a whole bunch of hidden secrets, items, and easter eggs.

The Viking Invasion: Medieval Britain has been overrun by the Vikings! Explore castles, caves, forts, and villages as you try to put a dent in Viking plans that culminate in a massive boss fight with a certain lightning-wielding Norse god.

Cold Race to Space: The race to space is on. On one side of Checkpoint Charlie is the US Space Program, and on the other is the USSR program. Decide which program to side with and help them get their rocket ready for launch. Bust through military checkpoints and security points. Explore secret labs, underground bunkers, and astronaut training centers.

Kraken’s Lost Coins: The Golden Age of Piracy is upon us! Sail around a Caribbean paradise as you battle your way through islands packed with enemies and multiple boss fights guarding treasures and secrets. Hunt down and sink marauding ships roaming the waves. Plunder and demolish strongholds, hideouts, and treacherous caves. Take on deep-sea creatures, voodoo curses, skeleton armies, Spanish fortresses, and buccaneer hideouts as you collect what you need to finally summon the infamous Kraken.

Time Trouble on Kaiju Island: Time travel between Feudal and Modern Japan as you chase down a giant Kaiju monster terrorizing the land of the rising sun. Take on the Mongol army and their queen in Feudal Japan before zipping off to modern-day Tokyo to fight an invasion of Pixel Aliens. In between, you’ll find a food-fight island, Takeshi Castle’s challenges, dojos, vibrant bays, Kitsune spirits to battle, and J-pop concerts just to name a few.

A 6th, Wild West-themed map is already in the works and will be added as a free update to all players. Bang-On Balls: Chronicles will be launching on Switch on October 5th, 2023.

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