First 4 Figures reveals Devil May Cry 3 'Dante' statue

Your wallet will cry, that's for sure

20 September 2023
by rawmeatcowboy 0

First 4 Figures has an incredible lineup of gaming-related statues under their belt, and their next offering is one that Devil May Cry fans will definitely want to check out.

First 4 Figure has revealed a Devil May Cry 3 ‘Dante’ statue, and pre-orders are set to open on Sept. 28th, 2023. The statue is inspired by the intense Cerberus boss fight you take on in Devil May Cry 3.

Dante wields Rebellion in his right hand while riding on the rocket that Lady fired at him after the battle. The detailed base captures the icy surroundings and desolate atmosphere of the Ice Guardian’s Chamber entrance.

There’s no word on pricing or various editions for this Dante statue just yet, but we’ll bring you those details when they become available.

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