The seventh episode of the (Almost-Kinda) Weekly RAIN CODE Update/Online Show is now available, bringing you another 30+ minutes of Master Detective Archives chatter. You can listen/watch the episode in its entirety above. This time around, join scenario writer Kazutaka Kodaka and professional shogi player Manao Kagawa as they delve into a Mystery Labyrinth in RAIN CODE.

In this lucid-noir detective adventure, Yuma Kokohead, an amnesiac detective-in-training, and Shinigami, the spirit haunting him, tackle unsolved mysteries in a strange city caged by unending rain.

Progress the story by conducting investigations in the real world, gathering clues needed to solve the case, then using those clues to conquer the Mystery Labyrinth. In the Mystery Labyrinth, the goal is to use the evidence collected during an investigation to reach the truth.

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