Today, Sonic Team is diving deeper into Sonic Superstars’ new Battle Mode feature, which provides players the ability to compete online up to eight players, or four players locally, in a variety of races, survival stages and more!

In Battle Mode, players will take control of a Metal Fighter, customize it to their liking, and compete to win in three rounds of randomly selected battle stages:

Race – Reach the goal before the other players.

Zap Scrap – Shoot bullets to attack other players. Points are added when you damage an opponent and decrease when you take damage. Open an item box to earn a single powered up bullet.

Star Snatcher – Collect stars within the time limit. You will lose one star if you take damage.

Survival – Stay on the stage until the end while avoiding cannonballs flying from the back of the screen. The scaffolding will collapse if it is hit by a cannonball, or if you stay in one place for too long. If you fall off the screen, then you are out of the game.

Points are earned according to the battle ranking for each round and the player with the most aggregate points wins!

In online battles, you can also earn Medals and use them in the shop to purchase custom parts for your Metal Fighter. The type of parts you can purchase will increase as you progress through the game. Please note, changing parts does not affect your Metal Fighter’s abilities.

In offline battle mode, you can play single player against AI opponents or with up to three other players in split-screen mode. There are no Medals or Rank changes in offline mode.

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