In the special program Gamera Games Now at Tokyo Game Show 2023, Flt Studio and Gamera Games have announced the simultaneous release of the roguelike, farming sim and RPG Garlant: My Story on the Nintendo Switch in the fourth quarter of 2023.

Garlant: My Story is a Chinese indie game that blends different mechanics such as roguelike gameplay, combat, management, and farming. Players will become hunters who just arrived to the derelict town of Gāranto, eager to start a new chapter of their lives in this small, decadent town. Facing off against infected monsters, players will revitalize the whole town and write their own adventure story.

To handle the monster invasion, players will need to explore various areas and face a wide range of creatures, bosses, and even the dreadful Crystal Tower. Throughout the adventure, players will have to gather materials and resources to strengthen their character and defeat monsters to obtain equipment. As the difficulty of combat gradually increases, players will need to combine their equipment and skills cleverly, using varied combat techniques to defeat powerful enemies and achieve final victory.

Garlant: My Story is not only a game about combat. Players will also have to craft, farm, and interact with the town’s people, which will not only provide additional resources but also grant support during combat. As the game progresses, players will have the opportunity to expand their farms, confront more formidable enemies, and obtain more rare materials and equipment.


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