Publisher Mastiff in partnership with Clay Game Studio previously announced that Faerie Afterlight, a 2D fantasy action game, will be released on Nintendo Switch in September 28th, 2023. Today brings us a new animated trailer just one week ahead of launch, and you can check it out above.

Inspired by Indonesian philosophy and folk art, Faerie Afterlight is a beautifully stylized 2D Metroidvania game filled with an abundance of heart, courage, camaraderie, and a delightful soundtrack that perfectly complements the game’s lush world.

Players will take simultaneous control of Kimo and Wispy as this unlikely and inseparable duo ventures deep into Lumina’s infested caverns, plunges into its deep seas, and explores its ghostly cities to reclaim the scattered, broken shards of Light, bringing balance back to the world. Along the way, the pair will solve puzzles, befriend locals, engage and enchant enemies, and face off against fierce Titans to gain powerful new abilities that will grant them greater access to Lumina!

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