Rainbow High: Runway Rush. from Outright Games and MGA Entertainment (MGA) is now available to purchase on Nintendo Switch.

This is the first console game based on the No. 1 fashion doll brand and streaming TV series Rainbow High, with a combined one billion minutes watched on YouTube and Netflix globally.

About the game:

Stepping into the colorful world of Rainbow High creative arts school, players play as one of the six original Rainbow High™ characters – Ruby, Poppy, Sunny, Jade, Skyler, or Violet – as they take on their first big creative project. With more than 21 different locations to explore, including recognizable places from the TV series like ​ the majestic Unicorn in the atrium, the Rainbow Union, and Sunny’s bedroom, players will also be able to go outside the main story mode to find collectables to level up their characters with unlockable outfits. Each character also has a mini game personalized to their unique artistic flair, allowing fans to fully become their favorite characters – from taking photos with Violet, designing clothes with Skyler, and creating kawaii illustrations with Sunny.

As a puzzle adventure game, fans of the show can be the leading character in the story while they explore the colorful school, solve puzzles, and use their creativity to move to the next level. Younger children will also be able to take control of their adventure with the help of the “hint scan” function, which highlights all the interactive elements of a room’s puzzle and guides them to their next task. This function will simplify the navigation and allow fans to play at their own pace, without missing out on the fun.

Rainbow High is an inclusive line of fashion dolls and accessories that includes characters representing all the colors of the rainbow. The first line of dolls was released in 2020 by MGA and was hugely successful on its launch, including being named No. 1 New Toy at the Toy Association.

2020 Toy of the Year Awards in the U.S. The animated series aired the same year on YouTube and became available on Netflix in March 2021, accumulating more than one billion minutes watched on all platforms globally. Fan favorite fashion dolls are making their colorful dreams come true at Rainbow High — and the possibilities are endless when they all work together #LetYourTrueColorsShine!

Stephanie Malham, COO of Outright Games said: “Rainbow High has fast established itself as the defining fashion doll brand for Generation Alpha. With our new game, fans will have an entirely new way to interact with this world, its beloved characters and develop their creativity in a way that has been tailor-made for our audience.”

Isaac Larian, Founder and CEO of MGA Entertainment said: “In just three short years Rainbow High has revolutionized the fashion doll category and we are thrilled to see continued growth for the brand, with its first-ever console video game. Our core value for Rainbow High is to have fans let their true colors shine and they will be able to do this in an all-new way, as they immerse themselves as a student and step into an interactive world.”

Carla Bolaños Blanco from Xaloc Studios said: “As a developer, it was an exciting challenge to adapt the world of Rainbow High into a puzzle adventure game. We incorporated the key brand positioning enabling players to enter the magical world of rainbows, creativity, and friendship where they can live up to their potential, roam their favorite locations, and interact with their favorite characters.


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