The Heirloom hits Kickstarter goal, officially heading to Switch

Plenty of stretch goals left to knock out

22 September 2023
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Babubi Games, an independent game development studio freshly founded by promising popular artist Hikanart and visionary game designer Alex Streltsov, is thrilled to announce that The Heirloom, its debut mysterious thriller adventure game inspired by the atmosphere of the Hebrides and Scottish folklore, has successfully crossed the initial funding goal of $33.000 and is confidently heading towards achieving the remaining stretch goals.

THE CAMPAIGN offers over 40 unique rewards across 12 tiers. Among them is a limited Collector’s Edition of The Heirloom, available exclusively on Kickstarter. The special edition features a hand-painted 6” (15 cm) figure of Marla, the game’s protagonist, along with other fantastic physical rewards.

There are still 19 days left until the campaign ends!

The Heirloom project page unveils numerous previously unknown details, offering an extended glimpse of the game world, and features voice stars such as Rebecca Wang (known for Guillermo del Toro’s Tales of Arcadia, Jurassic World Camp Cretaceous, Blue Eye Samurai (Netflix), Steps (Netflix)) and Andy Mack (known for Evil West, Dying Light 2, Foolish Mortals, Postal 4) in leading roles.

The Heirloom is a single-player mysterious thriller adventure with puzzle elements, where players are given the opportunity to make fateful decisions while navigating through a story full of secrets and mysteries.


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