Behind the Music of Disney Speedstorm Dev Diary

Music from the house of mouse

22 September 2023
by rawmeatcowboy 0

Meet the team behind the music of Disney Speedstorm. Find out more about the process of working on the official game soundtrack by watching this Music Dev Diary Video!

Disney Speedstorm is the ultimate hero-based combat racing game, set on high-speed circuits inspired by Disney and Pixar worlds. It’s a thrilling arcade racing experience where players will need to master each character’s unique skills on the racetrack and claim victory.

An incredible cast of characters including Mulan, Mickey Mouse, Sulley, Baloo, Captain Jack Sparrow, the Beast and more are suited and revving up for racing combat. Upgrade each racer’s stats and make the most of their unique skills that can impact the outcome of a single race and dramatically change the way you play the game!

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