Spike Chunsoft revealed Shiren the Wanderer: The Mystery Dungeon of Serpentcoil Island for Switch during Nintendo’s recent Nintendo Direct, but it was only featured in the Japanese version of the presentation. This left many wondering if the game would get a localization, and today we have confirmation that there will be a worldwide release.

Thanks to a listing from Canadian retailer Video Games Plus, we can see that Shiren the Wanderer: The Mystery Dungeon of Serpentcoil Island is getting a worldwide Switch release on February 27th, 2024. This listing has obviously been posted before Spike Chunsoft intended, so expect an official announcement soon.

Shiren the Wanderer and his companion, Koppa the talking ferret, return for an all-new roguelike dungeon crawling adventure on Serpentcoil Island! After receiving a vision of a mysterious girl held captive by a terrible monster, Shiren and Koppa make their way to Serpentcoil Island—a distant isle rumored to be the lost stronghold of treasure hoarding pirates. Determined to rescue the girl and find the treasure, the two race into danger… only to be soundly defeated, like all the others who tried before.

Undeterred, Shiren and Koppa vow to challenge the monster again in order to save the mysterious girl. To brave the many dangers that await them, Shiren and Koppa must traverse complex dungeons filled with hostile monsters, hidden traps, and useful items. All the gear and experience Shiren accumulates will be lost if he collapses during exploration, so beware of rushing in unprepared! Rescue the mysterious girl and uncover the mystery that clouds Serpentcoil Island!

Key Features

Shiren Returns to the West – The return of a true classic! Shiren the Wanderer is back for a new adventure!

Mystery Dungeon Offers Endless Gameplay – Procedurally generated dungeon maps, enemies, and loot ensure that every game will be a new challenge for even the most seasoned adventurers!

New Adventures and Friends – Journey alongside a colorful cast of islanders, wanderers, and powerful adversaries!

Rescue Other Players – Reach your fellow Wanderers who’ve collapsed inside the dungeon, so they can resume their adventure on the spot and help you in times of need!

Limited-Run Sticker – As a first-run bonus, a 2.75″ x 3″ sticker featuring the protagonist Shiren and the game’s traditional Japanese art style will be included with the game! (Note: while supplies last.)

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8M ago

Additional info: This is the first even-numbered main Shiren game to be picked up for the west. In the past Shiren 2 and 4 were never brought westward. Shiren 6 is also the first new Shiren game since 2010 outside remakes.