North American audiences wouldn’t get to experience the Densetsu no Starfy series until 2009, when Nintendo brought The Legendary Starfy over to the Nintendo DS. Unfortunately, that was the only Starfy title that got localized, leaving fans outside of Japan hungry for more adventures with the underwater hero.

While Starfy didn’t make their way here until 2009, the character first burst onto the scene in Japan back in 2002. The Starfy series made its debut with Densetsu no Starfy on the GBA, which was followed by two more GBA outings and one DS release as well.

While Nintendo seems done with the Starfy franchise, some fans weren’t willing to let the character go. That’s why they set out to take the original Densetsu no Starfy GBA game from 2002 and give it a fan-translation. If you want to check this out, we suggest finding a way to purchase a legit copy of Densetsu no Starfy, and then reading more about the fan-translation here.


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