We recently learned that Splatoon 3: Expansion Pass ‘Side Order’ is seeing release sometime in Spring 2024. What’s a Splatoon fan to do until then? Well, why not read a fresh round of details on this Wave 2 DLC that just came out today?

Acht is one of the characters appearing in the Side Order DLC for Splatoon 3. She’s an Octoling and an artist who goes by the pseudonym “Def1sh” in the underground music scene. Just like Agent 8, she somehow ended up in the World of Order. Perhaps because she arrived before them, she knows a great deal about the Spire of Order and the color chips. It’s unclear what her true goal is, but it seems she’s going to help you ascend the Spire of Order.

Speaking of the Spire of Order, it appears that many trials await you and Agent 8 inside. More details will be shared in the future!


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8M ago


This article is using she/her pronouns for Acht/Dedf1sh while Nintendo has used they/them for this character in all of their posts about them.


8M ago

Acht is Dutch for eight (and maybey some other language too), don't know if they took inspiration from there.

It's eight for German as well.


8M ago


Hey yeah, indeed, I even know a fair bit of german but I didn't think about that.