Nacli, Toedscool, and Dudunsparce plushes revealed

Think there's someone who owns every Pokémon plush?

22 September 2023
by rawmeatcowboy 0

After so many years of sharing news on Pokémon plushes, I can say that without a doubt, if a week goes by without the reveal of some sort of Pokémon plush, it’s a sign of the end times. Thankfully, we’re in good shape for one more week, as a trio of new Pokémon plushes has been announced.

The Pokémon Company has announced that Nacli, Toedscool, and Dudunsparce are next in line for the plush treatment, and they’ll be available for customers at Pokémon Center locations starting Sept. 30th, 2023. As usual, these plushes will also be sold through Amazon Japan a few weeks later.

No word on this trio of plushes seeing release outside of Japan for now, but it’s only a matter of time until that happens. We’ll bring you details on their arrival as soon as that info is shared.

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