A modder named Set has created a new shell for the Switch OLED that makes it run both cooler and faster, but at the cost of the system’s portability.

This new shell turns the Switch into a dedicated home console, but it also helps keep the system cooler even when it’s overclocked. That means you get better, more impressive performance from the Switch, but without the dangers of extra heat being pumped out.

This likely goes without saying, but this custom mod voids your Switch OLED warranty in about every way possible. This kind of project is only meant for someone who is ready to take full responsibility for their Switch, and knows Nintendo won’t step in to fix things should a problem arise. Take this mod on at your own risk!

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8M ago

While I'm impressed at this guys abilities to create something like this it should come as no suprise that a stationary console would have better cooling and performance. There's a reason why the Switch, as a portable system, is weaker than the PS4.