‘The Toys that Built America’ is a documentary series that covers the origins of many iconic toys and games and the companies that produced them and a trailer for the newest season (posted above) promises a spotlight on Nintendo Games.

Below is a description for the series.

“The Toys That Built America” returns for a third season to continue chronicling the untold stories and rivalries that gave rise to the modern toy industry. This season turns the lens on an exciting new selection of bold visionaries and creators behind history’s biggest-selling toys, games, and action figures as they build billion-dollar empires against the backdrop of a changing world in the 20th century. From robots and picture games to trivia and mind games, each one-hour episode brings nostalgic products to the forefront as driving forces behind untold cultural and economic shifts unveil competitive rivalries between iconic brands that changed the fabric of our nation forever. Blending dramatic reenactments and archival footage with surprising historical connections, unexpected facts, and expert interviews, “The Toys That Built America” brings to life the surprising tales of the men and women who created some of America’s most beloved and enduring toys.

[History Channel]

While there have been episodes covering Nintendo in the past, the above clip promises a look at the origins of the The Legend of Zelda series including the famous story of Miyamoto’s childhood adventures that inspired the games.

The series is premiering Sunday, October 15th on the History Channel but it is currently unknown when the episodes based on Nintendo games will air.

Thanks to AlienboyVA for the heads up!

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