Ship to Shore PhonoCo has already released an incredible amount of soundtracks on vinyl, but there’s still plenty of games for them to work through. Two more soundtracks have joined their lineup today, and retro fans should be delighted to see both.

Available to pre-order through Ship to Shore PhonoCo starting today are the vinyl soundtracks for Bomberman Hero and Gimmick!. Bomberman Hero comes in one limited edition version for $40, while Gimmick! has clear and vinyl splatter options priced at $30 each.

Fan-favourite Bomberman Hero first appeared on the Nintendo 64 in 1998, and promptly blew everyone’s collective minds with its soundtrack. Series regular Jun Chikuma continued her winning streak of memorable VGM compositions by changing the formula to the franchise completely and removed all traces of chiptune. Instead, drum & bass, leftfield electro and even a touch of acid techno rip through the proceedings, like 808 State remixed by a chilled-out Goldie, making this album not just a bonafide classic for VGM fans but also a damn fine LP for electronic & breakbeat enthusiasts.

Criminally overlooked on its original release on the Famicom in 1992, Gimmick’s popularity has increased substantially over the years… and for good reason. Its fluid gameplay, enticingly unique design and enemy AI mechanics are just some of the reasons why the game is passionately cherished by those in-the-know.

If you’d like to scoop up the Bomberman Hero album, you can lock in a pre-order here. If Gimmick! is more your style, you can find that album here.

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