Dungeons & Dragons and Minecraft have a lot in common. Both games need you to use your imagination (is that a dirt block, or a new house?). Both games reward players for thinking creatively (why rush into the dragon’s lair when you can tunnel beneath it!) And as of today; both games can be played together in a brand-new Dungeons & Dragons DLC! Are you ready to roll the dice and dive into one of the most exciting adventure RPGs to ever be re-imagined in 64-bit blocky glory? Let’s go!

Whether you’ve been rolling D&D dice for decades, or you’re new to the idea of facing up to a Mind Flayer, this action-packed RPG has something for everyone! Just like in the tabletop version of Dungeons & Dragons, you’ll get to select your class and your playstyle, and make choices throughout the game that’ll compliment your biggest strengths. Prefer to smash doors rather than knock? Play as a bulky Barbarian, or sneak around as a Rogue and overcome obstacles with cunning (and perhaps a few poisoned darts!). For anyone that doesn’t love melee combat (me!), Wizards can cast ranged spells, so you can keep a safe distance and rain magic missiles down on your enemies. And for those who don’t want to choose between stepping up and hanging back, you can play as a mighty Paladin who can hit hard as well as heal.

Once you’ve chosen your character and selected your stats, you’re ready to heed the call to adventure! And not a moment too soon – did you hear that people in your village have gone missing? And what’s worse: no-one seems to know why. Looks like you have a mystery to solve, one that will no doubt lead you into a sticky situation or two…

Alongside an unlikely dragon ally, you’ll explore the Forgotten Realms and visit iconic locations from Dungeons & Dragons as you fight (or sneak) to save the world. Unlock abilities, upgrade your stats, and hone your combat style as you journey through stunningly detailed environments. From Candlekeep to Revel’s End, you’ll meet a whole host of fully-voiced characters, as well as some fearsome foes. Whether you’ve battled against Mimics, Beholders or Displacer Beasts before, these blocktastically reimagined enemies will provide a serious challenge to even the most seasoned adventurer!

As a special bonus to commemorate your new adventure, you’ll be able to download a themed Character Creator item, as well as a special D&D Monstrous Compendium featuring some of your favorite Minecraft Mobs! Have you ever wondered about a Creeper’s defense stats, or an Ender Dragon’s dexterity? Wonder no more with the Monstrous Compendium! I’ve never seen my favorite in-game mob (the wolf!) looking so majestic, although I’ve definitely experienced some wolfish pack tactics thanks to my Realm buddies…!

Just like in your most exciting tabletop campaigns, in this DLC your decisions (and dice rolls) affect your gameplay. Is that tavern owner really telling the truth, or should you roll an initiative check? Can you outwit your foes with your intelligence alone, or should you cast Fireball? It’s up to you! Though as someone who often defeats zombies by simply waiting for the sun to rise, I strongly approve all fire-based tactics.

With a custom soundtrack, new never-before-seen combat and a bucket-load of strategy opportunities, the only question left now is: which class will you choose? And how many natural 20s will you roll along the way?

Find out in the brand-new Dungeons & Dragons DLC: out today on Minecraft Marketplace!

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