Samba de Amigo: Party Central just launched on Switch a couple of weeks back, finally giving us a brand-new installment in a series that’s been somewhat dormant in recent years. It’s been really nice to see the franchise return, but now we know this release has actually been a long-time coming.

GameXplain had the chance to talk to Samba de Amigo producer Shun Nakamura to get some insight in the series, and of course, they touched on Party Central. This is where Nakamura reveals that he initially came up with the idea for this new installment in the series after seeing a Switch prototype design. In other words, Party Central has been in the works one way or another for over 6 years now!

Nakamura goes on to say that he was busy with other projects, which certainly didn’t help Party Central’s cause. Along with that, a number of other hurdles popped up during the process that made it difficult to realize Party Central. Eventually, as the Switch’s popularity grew and interest in remakes/remasters swelled, Nakamura saw that it was time to strike with Samba de Amigo’s return.

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