EA removes all FIFA games from digital storefronts

We're in the end game now

26 September 2023
by rawmeatcowboy 3

EA Sports FC 24 marks the first outing of EA’s soccer series without the FIFA branding. EA decided to skip working with FIFA from here on out due to a litany of reasons, and that certainly includes some very expensive licensing fees.

With EA and FIFA done, that means previous titles in the FIFA franchise can no longer be sold. Sure, you can head to retail and still find physical copies of past FIFA titles, but when it comes to the digital side of things, you’re now completely out of luck.

As of today, EA has delisted all their FIFA titles from digital storefronts, Switch eShop included. (h/t VGC) While listings for the titles remain on Nintendo’s website, the option to purchase them has been removed. Instead, you’ll now see a greyed-out button that simply says ‘Not Available,’ and that’s definitely how things will remain from here on out.


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8M ago

Honestly, good. Less FIFA money means one less cash cow for EA to coast on.

But no one really buys old FIFA and their next football game, EA Sports FC 24 named right in the article, will be out in 2 days, so nothing will change.

The FIFA brand is basically frivilous at this point outside the World Cup, and while that is a big deal, the fact that the new game has already deals with a dozen leagues with 700+ clubs, dozens and dozens of stadiums, nearly 20k players, sponsorships like Nike, etc is all that matters. If anything, not paying a ton of money to use the word FIFA will only save them more money than hurt them.


8M ago

And nothing of value was lost.