Two new sync pairs arrive in Pokémon Masters EX

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27 September 2023
by rawmeatcowboy 0

If you’re a Pokémon Masters EX player, you’ll be happy to know that two more Sync Pairs have just arrived, and they both come from the Hisui region.

Pokémon Masters EX has just welcomed the Sync Pairs of Akari & Hisuian Samurott and Rei and Hisuian Decidueye. The two duos have arrived as part of a new event, and you’ll have until September 29th 2023 to participate.

This content drop also includes a new feature called Skill Gears, which can unlock special skills when its theme matches a Theme Skill. These are enhanced using Skill Feathers added to the Training Area. Last by not least, Trista will also now have a special encyclopedia.

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