Earlier today, Epic announced that they were laying off a whopping 830 employees. Those employees come from all throughout the company and its developers, but it seems Mediatonic, the team behind Fall Guys, might have been hit the hardest.

While we don’t have a confirmation on numbers just yet, it appears that Mediatonic has been absolutely decimated. Early reports show that the studio may have been completely gutted, leaving basically no one behind. Again, we’re trying to get confirmation on this, but at best, it appears a skeleton crew will be left behind at the Fall Guys developer.

Epic is laying off around 16% of their employees, divesting Bandcamp and spinning off most of SuperAwesome. Epic says they’ve been spending more money than they’ve been taking in, but this was all in the name of growth for a stronger future. The publisher hoped they could make this transition without layoffs, but now they see that’s not possible. You can read Epic’s full note on the situation here.

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9M ago

I can't say I'm surprised...but I am still upset. These companies are toying with people's lives, and layoffs rarely are ACTUALLY needed, rather they're done to appease shareholders rather than done to improve the company overall.