Publisher Mamekujira has announced that ANGEL WHISPER, a visual novel, is now available on Switch. If you purchase between now and Oct. 19th, 2023, you can 30% discount on the game, dropping the price from $10 to $7.

ANGEL WHISPER is the last work of a certain game creator who mysteriously disappeared. The cross reality ADV, known for its shocking conclusion, has returned after 24 years.

ANGEL WSHIPER, released by Child-Dream in 1999, became a major topic of conversation with its system of playing the posthumous game while browsing actual websites, raising the question, “Did this really happen?”. Its conclusion, seemingly predicting the modern era of 2023, led to mixed opinions and, along with the psychological horror “Scars of the Doll”, it became a pioneering presence in indie Visual Novel.

This Switch remake of ANGEL WHISPER has been updated with the following content:

  • Completely refreshed graphics, including characters and stills.
  • Added an epilogue and hints for 2023. Designed for anyone to play to the end.
  • Music provided from “epitaph” by composer H.Oshima. Also, remastered the original’s popular BGM.
  • Added a fortune-telling system by the original’s popular character, the fortune-teller Laisa.

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