World of Tanks Blitz proudly announces a new, unrelentless collaboration with former 5-time strawweight UFC world champion and the first polish female fighter in UFC - Joanna “JJ” Jedrzejczyk. From September 28th to October 12th tankers will be gifted with a unique commander avatar to show off their fighter’s spirit characteristic of the true Polish character.

The marvelous “JJ” is the first Polish representative to ever climb the highest level of world’s mixed martial arts. With this collaboration, Jedrzejczyk is the first woman to become the game’s ambassador. Her irrepressible energy and unprecedent character will be reflected in the game’s new content.

Players worldwide, who’ll play at least one game with any of Polish tanks in World of Tanks Blitz between September 28 and October 12 will unlock Joanna’s B.U.G.I. Woman portrait permanently.

Along with Joanna Jedrzejczyk’s collaboration, a host of 6 new medium tanks will join the Polish roster. These incredible machines represent new branch of vehicles from Tier V all the way to Tier X. Their design makes them a universal threat, as they are able to adapt to any situation on the battlefield. One of their strongest traits is their excellent guns depression angles, allowing them to operate even in the most challenging terrain. The tanks include:

  • DS. PZNINZ (Tier V)
  • BUGI (Tier VI)
  • CS-44 (Tier VII)
  • CS-53 (Tier VIII)
  • CS-59 (Tier IX)
  • CS-63 (Tier X)

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