Dementium: The Ward was a first-person psychological horror game for the Nintendo DS, and it was developed by Renegade Kid. Jools Watsham has since moved over to Atooi for game releases, but he’s dipping into his Renegade Kid history to bring Dementium: The Ward over to Switch, and you can see the debut trailer above. Dementium: The Ward arrives on Switch Oct. 12th, 2023.

Built from the ground up for Switch, Dementium: The Ward combines smooth first-person shooter gameplay with a demented tale of mystery and terror. You wake up in an abandoned hospital with nothing. No memory. No clues. No way out. What the hell is going on? You step into the darkness. You are not alone. Strange creatures roam the corridors.

Deranged puzzles lead you through a twisted maze of locked doors. You find a flashlight, weapons, pills, and ammunition - all convieniently placed along your path. Who is orchestrating this nightmare? Will you discover the truth? Will you escape? Will you survive?

This Switch remake will include a revamped UI, quality of life changes for save rooms, formatting for the 16:9 aspect ratio, and 60fps action.

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9M ago

Oof. I played it on the 3DS and was pretty disappointed tbh. The second one was never released for the 3DS to begin with, which was probably for the best.