Digital Extremes shared new details from Warframe’s upcoming Abyss of Dagath update as part of the team’s Devstream today. Leads from the Warframe team discussed a suite of upcoming content and quality-of-life improvements to the game. They were joined by members of the Soulframe team, bearing a gesture of appreciation for the reception the game received during last month’s annual TennoCon celebration.

As an act of appreciation of the Soulframe community’s kind words, fan art, and overall engagement, the full “Rivers Of Dendria” music track that plays during the Torment Stag boss fight has been made available in full on the official Soulframe Youtube channel as well as the launch of the official Discord server.

Highlights from the stream included:

The team revealed more details on the legendary headless horsewoman, Dagath. The 54th Warframe rides into the fray wielding Dorrclave, a deadly sword/whip. Dagath can conjure rotating spectral sickles, shoot forth cursed energy from her faceless head, guard against spectral realm-based damage, and summon the Rakhali’s Cavalry to bring forth five phantasmal steeds that slam into enemies for massive damage.

The Warframe team also outlined the Prime form of the ever-hungry Grendel Warframe in this update. Grendel Prime represents the height of technology from a bygone era, and he has worked up one hell of an appetite since then. Equipped with additional equipment slots and a rare Prime tech weapon, enemies will run in fear of every stomach growl.

Alongside the Abyss of Dagath Update, a highly-requested rework means your companion never dies, merely gets knocked out when health reaches zero. This quality of life change is paired with a bundle of new mods and a revamped healing system: companion’s survivability has increased overall by approximately 50%.

As promised at TennoCon 2023, the Hydroid Warframe’s rework will also arrive in this update: new passive, status effect triggers, removal of non-synergistic gameplay tuning, and overall changes to his base kit. The biggest adjustment sees the Undertow ability with a fresh one, Plunder, stealing all enemies’ armor in view and converting it into corrosive damage for Hydroid’s weapon.

Before the 54th Warframe gives us goosebumps, two community events have already begun this month, both Quest to Conquer Cancer and the Nights of Naberus Halloween celebration.

Quest to Conquer Cancer will aim to raise funds for The Princess Margaret and award participants with the Conquera Leg Ribbon once the campaign raises $100k, among other rewards on the way to the goal.

Meanwhile, Nights of Naberus brings back the spooky season with dozens of thematic Bat cosmetics, masks, armors, skins, a new Naberus Lotus skin, and more.

For more information and patch notes on all of the changes planned for the Abyss of Dagath Update on Wednesday, Oct. 18, 2023, please visit this link.

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