Pokémon x Van Gogh Museum collaboration launches to pandemonium, scalpers

Someone's gonna lose an ear in that madness!

28 September 2023
by rawmeatcowboy 3

Earlier this month, it was announced that The Pokémon Company would be collaborating with the Van Gogh Museum in Amsterdam for a special exhibition of some kind. The event launched today, and videos have surfaced online showing absolute pandemonium.

On the first floor of the museum, several replicas of famous paintings are on display with a Pokémon themed twist. In addition, museum attendees are able to complete an activity teaching them about the origins of the original paintings. As a reward for completing this activity, attendees receive one Pikachu x Van Gogh Museum promo card.

Not surprisingly, people lost their minds trying to get these Pikachu x Van Gogh cards, as they knew they’d be extremely hard to come by, and would therefore turn a a profit online. These cards, combined with other special merch, led to scalpers rushing the event to snag whatever they could.

This collaboration is suppose to run until January 7th, 2024, but plenty of items have already sold out. Believe it or not, some of the merch sold out before going on sale publicly, as hackers/scalpers managed to find an online backdoor that let them purchase items before they officially went live to the public.

There’s no word on restocks at this point, but it’s clear something has to be done about this collab to keep the peace and give regular fans a shot at grabbing some goodies.

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9M ago

Sounds like they missed the chance to coin this as a "Pokemon (Van) Gogh" event. But that chance - much like the special edition cards - is now "Van Gone."

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9M ago

Human beings are absurd creatures

Also why are both of Pikachu’s ears intact in that portrait?! Historical inaccuracy! Vincent Van Gogh is probably rolling over in his pokeball coffin

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9M ago

I can't say that scalpers are a good look for The Pokemon Company. They need to be proactive about this stuff.