CRYMACHINA producer details the manga and novels that inspired him

Making a work of art inspired by works of art

28 September 2023
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CRYMACHINA is coming to Switch in North America on October 24th, 2023. That will be followed by an October 27th, 2023 release for Europe and November 3rd, 2023 for Oceania. Ahead of the game’s localized release, NIS America has shared an interview with the game’s producer, Fuyuki Hayashi.

In the world of CRYMACHINA, humans went extinct thousands of years ago and synthetic beings known as Dei ex Machina have been tasked with bringing them back. Join three E.V.E., the recreated psyche of deceased humans instilled in synthetic bodies, as they seek their full-fledged humanity and explore what motivates each of them to continue to fight amidst bleak odds.

CRYMACHINA has a very unique look and setting, and in today’s interview, Hayashi revealed the manga and novels that helped inspire him to create this world.

My biggest sources of inspiration were the manga series Blame! by Tsutomu Nihei and the manga version of Nausicaä of the Valley of the Wind. I also enjoy reading novels like The Night Watch series by Kouhei Kadono and Jukai no Hotori by Hirotaka Tobi. Upon revisiting them after the completion of CRYMACHINA, I could really see the influence they had on the game.

[Fuyuki Hayashi, producer]

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