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This gameplay is PLUS ULTRA

28 September 2023
by videocookies 0

My Hero Ultra Rumble launched on Nintendo Switch today and now it’s your turn to prove yourself a real hero. Want to try the game? Remember it’s free to play! Not sure if it’s worth downloading? Then check out some gameplay in the videos we listed below.

MY HERO ULTRA RUMBLE is a new fighting game where you can play as your favorite characters from MY HERO ACADEMIA in battle royale matches between 8 teams made up of 3 players each. Use each character’s unique Quirk to your advantage as you battle your way through the vast stages together with your online friends and strive to be the last team standing!

The game will be updated each season to include new elements, focusing on new characters and costumes! Jump in and get a hold of the rapidly changing battle conditions!

This game is meant to be played online only. It cannot be played in offline mode. An internet connection is required to play this game. The service and its contents are subject to change or end without prior notice.


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