Interactive Sprigatito toy announced for Japan

Could this be any cuter?!

29 September 2023
by rawmeatcowboy 0

Pokémon Co. has already released a healthy amount of merch tied to Sprigatito, but something special is on the way to Japan somewhat soon.

Takara Tomy has teamed up with the Pokémon Co. once again for a toy, and this time around it’s Sprigatito that’s in the spotlight. This isn’t any old Sprigatito plush though, as this toy includes a bunch of interactive features!

On Nov. 11th, 2023, Japan will have the chance to pick up a Sprigatito with blinking and sounds. If you pet Sprigatito on the head, you can watch it happily blink as you pet away. Along with that, Sprigatito has 25 different sounds it can make while you’re interacting with it.

This Sprigatito toy is priced at roughly $48, and hopefully we’ll see it get a worldwide release sometime next year.

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