Another Code 'DS Vs. Switch' graphics comparison

Memories I'll never forget

29 September 2023
by rawmeatcowboy 0

Another Code: Two Memories (or Trace Memory for those of us in the states) originally came to the Nintendo DS all the way back in 2005. While plenty of people nowadays remember the adventure game, many others never had the chance to play it, or didn’t even know it existed. That’s all going to change on Jan. 19th, 2024, as Nintendo is bringing an overhaul of the game to Switch with Another Code: Recollection.

The jump from DS to Switch is obviously a huge one, but just how much of a difference is there between the original outing and the Switch revamp? Another Code: Two Memories on DS was actually pretty impressive from a visual standpoint, taking the platform’s weaknesses and using them as strengths. You can certainly see that strong visual identity live through in the Switch version, albeit on a much prettier scale.

In Another Code: Two Memories, players traveled to the remote Blood Edward Island as Ashley, a 13 year old girl in search of her father. Ashley receives a letter from her father who she believed to be dead, setting off a chain of mysteries and visions into the past. Players had to investigate surroundings and locales while solving puzzles to reveal the real fate of Ashley’s father.

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