My Pikachu plush returns to Japan Oct. 2023

A Pikachu just for you

30 September 2023
by rawmeatcowboy 0

Back in April of this year, a new line Pokémon merch was available at Pokémon Center locations in Japan, and it featured a range of Pikachu plushes. What separated these Pikachus from past merch options? Every single one of them is unique, so that no two Pikachus are exactly the same!

Each Pikachu from this collection had its own distinct features which could range from the obvious (facial expressions) to the not so obvious (tail length, stuffing thickness). If you can’t decide which Pikachu you want, The Pokémon Center in Japan would even choose one for you, presenting it to you in a special display.

Not surprisingly, the line was an instant hit, making them incredibly hard to find just weeks after launch. Thankfully, Pokémon Co. has confirmed that the My Pikachu series is returning to Pokémon Centers starting Oct. 14th, 2023, and each one is priced at $11.05.

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