A free content update has been released for Tracks: Toybox Edition, adding in new car types, accessories and more. You can see a complete breakdown of what this free update includes in the patch notes below.


A classic tram is now available as a train style. It combines a train and one passenger carriage into a single unit, and supports all the customisation options available for the standard train.

Cab Toys

A new section of the Scenery menu gives you the choice between a whistle or a bell on your train.

Utility Poles

Utility Poles are a new decoration class which automatically attach wires between each prop you place. To start with there are two styles: Telephone Pole and a large Electricity Pylon

New Decorations

There’s a wide variety of new decorations including 10 new houses, 3 new passengers, and several large buildings like a sports stadium and motel.

Train Highlighting

Certain actions could get awkward when you had a lot of trains. Now when you look at a train (or its carriages) you’ll see a little arrow appear on top of it. With a train highlighted, any train-related actions will automatically apply to that train such as:

  • Drive it without opening the train menu
  • Style options in the Scenery menu
  • Adding carriages from the Toybox

Other changes:

  • Replaced the font used for Latin and Cyrillic languages
  • Tracks, Roads & Rivers now create unique crossings when they meet a variant of other type.
  • Added pop-ups with key reminders and tips when using certain decorations for the first time
  • Added the Hungarian language option back into the menu
  • Several UI and quality of life improvements
  • Fixed several piece configurations not suggesting the proper junction piece
  • Fixed a crash on the tutorial when playing in Korean
  • Improved the game’s start up time and memory usage
  • Optimized and reduced the size of the Sci-Fi DLC

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