Mortal Kombat is based on reality! … Sort of. In a new video, GameSpot takes a look at the historical truth behind the inspirations for each of the characters from the OG cast.

While Sub-Zero and Scorpion are loosely based on the Lin Kuei clan, in reality, this clan comes from a book that is widely considered to be a farce. So, we dive into the real history behind Ninja, and what they would have actually trained in. Similarly, we look into Liu Kang’s Shaolin Monk origins, Raiden’s inspiration from Raijin, Kano and the Black Dragon Society, Johnny Cage’s Jean Claude Van Damme roots, and Sonya Blade’s US Special Forces training.

If you’re only interested in a specific character, you can find the timestamp breakdown of this video below.

  • 0:00 - Intro
  • 0:26 - Sub-Zero and Scorpion
  • 5:26 - Kano
  • 7:14 - Raiden
  • 9:20 - Liu Kang
  • 12:04 - Johnny Cage
  • 12:49 - Sonya Blade
  • 14:19 - Outro

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